It’s hockey season around our house these days.
Grace is playing field hockey
and Jack is on the ice
so we find ourselves watching a lot of games this time of year.

I think amateur sports is a perfect little microcosm of life.

Like life, sports has interesting characters.
Super competitive types.
Not-so-committed types.
Goals, dreams and aspirations wrapped up with game results.
Most people I see focus on only two types of results:

Did I win?
Did I lose?

But I think there is an even better question to ask than that.

Did I learn?

When I apply this question to my business it is super helpful.
For one thing it takes the pressure off there
only being two results.
If I am killing it, this question anchors for me what is working.
If I am not getting the results I want, this question helps me lean in and see what I can change.

Here is my coaches challenge:

Consider the three pillars of wealth - relationships, health and money.
Pick one you have a goal in right now and assess where you are at by asking this:

What can I learn from the results I am getting right now?

In this way any positive results can get better and more consistent
and any negative results can inspire an important course correction.

Not every lack of result requires a complete overhaul.
Sometimes just a tweak is all you need to get back on track.

As Jim Rohn says:
“You cannot change your destination overnight
but you can change your direction overnight”

To asking better questions,