Have you ever caught yourself saying this phrase:
I’m too busy…”

Lately I have been feeling a bit “too busy”.

I get on my workout gear
sit down at my computer
and don’t quite get around to working out.
Somehow everything else
I have on my to do gets done
except that.

So I have adopted a new phrase.

Instead of saying “I’m too busy
I say “It just isn’t a priority for me”.

This has created a powerful shift.

Instead of using busy to NOT do something
I have started to own the fact that I am choosing
not to make it a priority.

It feels well, more honest.
And in that honesty, I can choose different.

This can be applied to other things too.

Imagine your child asks you to come see something
or spend some time with them.
It is somehow easier to say “Sorry sweetie, I am too busy”
than “You are just not a priority to me”.
I don’t know about you,
but that is the last thing I would want to say to someone I love.

But it is the truth when I say I am “too busy”.

I am not sure when busyness became hailed as such a good thing.
‘Too busy?  'Well you must be successful.’
‘Super busy?  'Look at you getting somewhere in the world.’

When did we begin to see busyness as a badge of honour?

Here is my coaches challenge for you:

The next time you find yourself saying you are “too busy”
try saying this instead:

“It’s just not a priority for me”.

Make it hard for yourself to say you are “too busy”.
Which, of course,  is the point of this exercise.

I want to make it hard for you (and me) to be busy.
Because when we are too busy, we miss so much.
Little moments.  Big ones.  
The point of life really.

Make this the year to stop being busy
and start being…free.

Free to BE what and who you want.

To choosing,

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