Did you see the moon last night?
I love stuff that doesn’t happen very often.
Like bad-ass supermoons.

Apparently this was only the fifth super blood moon in recorded history
with the last seen in 1982 and the next won’t be in 2033.
Kinda cool.

So what does this mean for you and me?
Only two things really: something or nothing.

The truth is, you can use the energy of the eclipse for anything you want.
I figure why waste it?

What if you decided …today…to do one new thing.
A bold thing.  
A supermoon-worthy kind of thing.

What would you choose?

It is easy to play safe.
Live life inside the lines.
I find myself falling into that habit.
Edgy at times but mostly kind of mainstream-safe.
Kinda comfy in Kelowna.

But it is time to be bold (er).
Like publishing stuff I write that scares me,

How about you?
What would being BOLD look like for you?

Make a lunar-kind-of-goal.
I’d love to know what that might be.

To blood-moon bold,