One of the most common questions I get as a coach is “What should I do?”
Challenges, no matter how big or small often circle back to this one simple question.

The thing is, if you do not know the answer, the next step is procrastination.
And then overwhelm.

Can you relate?
I am oh so familiar with these steps.  Problem - no clear solution - overwhelm.
Of course, a coaching conversation is super helpful particularly when I have lost all objectivity to my own problem but my coach is not on call 24/7.

There is one I do when I can’t figure something out.
I get outside.

In fact, I get MOST of my best idea’s in nature but I forget this when I am feeling stuck.
So here is my coaches challenge for you:

Step outside for a least 15-20 minutes every day this week.  Alone.  Just you and your highest self or God or your angels or whatever universal intelligence you believe is there to guide you.  Not just in strife but as an everyday advisor.

If want to get clear, get outside.

To tapping in,