I am writing today to share a story.
A story within a story really.

My daughter and I were driving home the other day and
a song comes on the radio.
With unexpected gusto she wails

“You miss the bus?”  I ask.

And so she explains
that over the course of her 12-week field hockey season
there was this song - THE song - that was played
every time the team bus pulled up to a field.
It was the pump-up-before-you-play song
and the whole team would sing and dance
and with great joy spill out to the pitch to do battle.

But this story is not about the bus.
Or the value of a team anthem.

It is about belonging.

What Grace experienced was a culture of being a part of something.
A kind of family.  
With teammates that felt like sisters.
And coaches that felt like father-figures.
And rituals that connected them.
Win or lose.
They did it together.


I believe if you can cultivate this ONE skill
everything - that includes humans -  in your life will be richer.
And infinitely more fun!

I coach a lot of people who have humans around them
and sometimes these relationships become fractured.

So here is my coaches challenge for you:
Do something this week to cultivate belonging.
At home.
At work.
With your tribe.
Somewhere or in somehow so your people feel it.

To belonging,

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