This summer a friend introduced me to this cool book:
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
If you have any clutter in your life,
you may want to pick this up.

The book outlines the ‘KonMari Method’
which is essentially gives you a method
to get rid of all your crap
in every nook and cranny of your home.
Clothes. Paper. Books.  Knick-knacks. Sentimental keepsakes.
The works.
When we tackled clothing in our house
we ended up with 35 coats for goodwill!
It’s amazing what you accumulate in closets as a family.

At the heart of this method is one BIG question
you are to ask yourself as you touch each item in your home:

Does this spark JOY?

If yes, keep it.
If no, toss it.

Pretty hard core when you get into it.

This of course got me thinking.
What if I applied this to my life?

Do the things I say yes to spark joy?
I think it is an important question.

So here is my coaches challenge for you:

Look at your calendar for the next month and ask yourself
how many things you have scheduled spark joy?

Work appointments?
Social Commitments?
Activities you signed your kids up for?

Every single thing in our life is because we said yes to it.
Sometimes by default, sometimes consciously but yes all the same.
Take a hard look at all the ways you fill your time.
Does it spark joy?
If not, do you quit your job, get a divorce and give away your kids?
Of course not but it is a great opportunity to pause and reflect.

As you move into the last 2 months of the year,
may you find more ways to insert joy, than not.

The energy shift might surprise you.

These are the exact kind of conversations I have with my private clients.
If you think you could use some coaching support to end your year more joyfully,
I’d love to help.

Pop yourself right into to my calendar for a 30 minute complimentary strategy session here:

To choosing joy,