You know how you get in the mood to spring clean in spring?
Well last weekend, we got a jump start on this.
It started out innocently enough...
a cup of coffee, a desire to dream and a white board.

My husband and I stumbled into a vision-planning session
which started off as simply “what should we do this year?”

We shared a few dreams....for our relationship, for our family, for our holidays,
for our health, for our home and for our careers.

Which led to the best question of the day.

Because in realizing that “one day” we want to live in a house we really love,
with land and a view and quiet, led to the question:

“How can we love the house we are in right now?”

This created a fast list of small and big things we could do
to improve the environment we spend so much time in now.

Have you ever decided you want to sell your house?
Suddenly, things get fixed, walls get painted and you throw out all your junk.

That is what we started to do last weekend and I gotta tell you, it feels awesome.
So my coaches challenge for you is:

What are you tolerating?

In your house.  In your relationship.  In your work. In your life.
Take a step.
Like this week. ;-)

To dreams *and* doing something now,

Speaking of tolerating, if you have something in your relationship you are tolerating, do not miss my next webinar:  Love to help.